Hello Fall!

Isn’t fall wonderful? The colours, the smell, fun scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, everything is just cozy! Speaking of feeling cozy, new weather brings new things to learn about and that includes dressing for the elements. Teaching children about dressing appropriately for different seasons does not only teach them about being prepared but teaches sequencing. Learning what to put on first is very helpful when mom and dad are not around to help out before recess!

The intervention below focuses on identifying weather, concepts like hot and cold, and appropriate seasonal clothing items. Goals can also include: impulse control, turn taking, and fine and gross motor movements.


Pillow case, visuals of weather, weather bear & weather bear clothing


Weather bear, weather bear what should you wear?

It’s *insert chosen weather visual* out there

and you need to be prepared!

Have a child choose a weather visual from the pillow case and insert it into the song. Have each child suggest one item that the weather bear should wear for the chosen season. Talk about what we should put on first (socks first, then shoes) until the bear is dressed.

Have each child use their imagination to dress up like the bear in the order that you have discussed and think of an activity in that type of weather/season that you can pretend to do while improvising on the guitar. Round everyone up again and repeat the song!

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