Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving a little bit earlier than our neighbours down south! The first weekend in October welcomes us with turkey, pumpkin pie & a holiday Monday! I’m sure my fellow Canadians are busy getting their houses prepared for family and figuring out what ingredients they will need for the feast that will occur on Sunday or Monday. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving,  travel safely and pace yourselves… there is a lot of food to eat this weekend!

Turkey Dinner
(Sung to the tune of Where is Thumbkin)

Turkey Dinner, Turkey Dinner (alternate hands like you’re serving turkey on a plate)
Gather Round, Gather Round (call people over, call people over)
Who will get the drumstick? (both hands out questioning) Yummy, Yummy Yumstick (rubbing belly)
Come sit down, Come sit down (motion for people to sit down)

Cornbread Muffins, Chestnut stuffing  (alternate hands like you’re serving food on a plate)
Pumpkin Pie (make a round circle) , 1 foot high (put for hands up 1 foot in the air)
We were all there, till we came to here (make a big belly!)
Me oh My, Me oh My! (pretending to faint)

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