Halloween Stew


Halloween is landing on a Monday this year which makes for extra celebration on the Friday before, during the weekend and on the day! Here is a simple intervention to encourage participation, impulse control and social interaction. You will need a small to large parachute and scarves.  Spread out the parachute and talk about the stew bubbles you are going to make and practice little and large bubble waves. Hand out one scarf to each child and have them imagine a type of candy or their favourite food that their scarf is going to represent. Call each child’s name and have them tell you what food they will be adding to the Halloween Stew. Once all the scarves are in the parachute you can sing this small chant. After each bubble make the parachute waves bigger and bigger keeping all the scarves on the parachute and on the last line fling all the “food” off the parachute! Gather up the scarves and have each child think of a new food to add to the Halloween Stew.

Bubble, Bubble Halloween Stew

Bubble, Bubble Halloween Stew

Chocolate, Candy, Soda Pop too.

Bubble, Bubble, Halloween Stew!!!!

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