Music Therapy Association for Alberta: Continuing Education Day


A few weeks ago was the Music Therapy Association for Alberta (MTAA) first continuing education day. It was a huge success and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the planning committee! We saw so many music therapists working in Alberta share their intervention ideas, research, and passion. Alberta is truly a unique province that is full of music therapists doing incredible work.

Some of the highlights for myself was to hear John Lawrence’s presentation on his recent Neurological Music Therapy (NMT) training from Colorado and how he is applying it to seniors. His interventions were extremely creative and is getting Alberta’s older adults cognitively and physically fit!¬†Another highlight was to watch Jan Pearce lead us in a hilarious paper plate smashing dance to Offenbach’s Can Can. It was quite a work out moving around and laughing hysterically at the same time.

I look forward to where MTAA is going in uniting the province together as a community and as a wealth of resources for us to share with each other.

What a great day to learn new things and walk away feeling renewed and ready to tackle another week of having the best job ever!



Julie Lowry - Using music to communicate, learn, empower, adapt and realize our full potential.

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