Orange Pumpkin

During the Halloween season the colours orange and black are everywhere! The song below emphasizes the colour orange but can easily be adapted to any other colour. For this intervention you will need either a collage of different coloured items (tip! google search images “orange items”, “black items”, “red items”, etc!)  or actual tangible items (toys, household items, etc). Have the children sit in a circle and lay your newly coloured items poster down with a dish cloth over top or cover up your coloured tangible items with a towel. Sing the song and then lift the blanket for the children to silently identify an object. You can focus on different goals during this intervention besides learning colours such as impulse control or receptive language goals by asking them to raise their hand when they have identified an orange object. You can also work on expressive language goals by asking open ended questions about the item that they have chosen. Cover up the poster and sing the song again!

Orange Pumpkin

Pumpkin, Pumpkin orange and round

You have a mouth, but don’t make a sound!

Tell me, tell me, if you please

what other “orange” things do you see?!!

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