Individuals are always encouraged by music therapists to sing to their children. It can be hard though, trying to remember songs from the past and all their words. Even recalling a song can be difficult when you haven’t been in the world of children’s music for decades. Lullabies are such a natural way to bond with your child. The soothing melody and rocking rhythm naturally makes your child de-stress and feel at ease. A child can recognize the mother’s voice as early as 30 weeks gestation. Can you image how comforting that must be to hear her voice in a world where everything is new. Holding on to that one familiarity would make anyone feel comforted. A study by Dr. John Lind showed that it doesn’t matter if the parent can actually carry a tune when singing to their child, but it is more about the connection that is occurring between the parent and the child. No matter what you decide to sing from “you are my sunshine” to a top 40 song you’ve heard a million times while driving to work that week, hearing your live voice will be all that matters. Another interesting way to look at it is if you are willing to expose your musical self to your child you are encouraging them that it is okay for them to explore and express their musical self as-is too! I have included a list of lullabies below from a fabulous resource Even when I thought I didn’t know many lullabies a quick once over you start to think… oh yea… that one, I forgot about that one. Take a look and sing with your child tonight!

All The Pretty Little Horses
All Through the Night

Baby & I

Baby Bye

Baby Dolly
Baby in the Bottle
Baby Mine
Baby Things
Baby’s Bed’s a Silver Moon
Bat Bat Come Under My Hat
Brahms Lullaby
Cannily Cannily
Cape Breton
Child Lulls Himself to Sleep, The
Cleaning and Scrubbing
Close Your Eyes Go To Sleep
Cobbler Mend my Shoe
Come to the Window
Come, Let’s to Bed
Counting Piggy Tails
Cradle Song
Cry Baby
Derby Ram, The
Dressing A Baby
Early Morning
Early to Bed
Fairy Frolic
Fireman, A
Five Little Firefighters
Flying Visit, A
For Baby
Gartan Mother’s Lullaby
Go To Sleep my Baby
Golden Slumbers
Great Big Moon
Here Comes the Sandman
Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous
Hush a Bye Baby
Hush Little Baby
I was Born
I’m Here to Sing You to Sleep
I’m a Little Doll
In the Sunken Lane of the Moor
Little Sister
Lovely, Night, A
Lullaby And Goodnight
Lullaby Island
Lullay Lullay
Mama’s lil’ baby loves short’nin’ Bread
Momma Rock a Baby
Moon of Mamaku
My Doll’s Lullaby
Naughty Baby
October Song
Oh My Sweet
People in Your Neighborhood, The
Pretty Like the Moon
Rabbit Jack
Rock a Bye, Baby
Sandman’s Coming in His Train of Cars, The
Shoemaker Makes Shoes, A
Sip of Moon, A
Sleep Baby
Sleep Baby Sleep
Suo Gan – Welsh Lullaby
Sweet Baby
Ten Little Fireman
This is the House That Jack Built
To Bed to Bed
Today I took My Diaper off
Twilight Song
Twinkle Twinkle
Whale Song
White Hen, A
Whynken Blynken and Nod
You are my Sunshine
Your my Favorite Baby in the World
Zulu Cradle – Song

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