Fall is here!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have last posted on anything… my blog, Facebook, twitter. I literally forgot my password to get into the backend of the website! Goodness my, I sure hope that I am back to posting a bit more regularly. It seems my household is finally seeing a bit more zen, and by zen I mean sleep and with sleep I am so much more capable of doing things. Since my last post, not only was I juggling being a new mom, working, my social life and all the other hats that I wear but I also had another baby! So everything doubled! Let’s just say, things have been busy! I wanted to pop in quickly and share this great resource that I found on Pinterest. I have loved using this song with my students. Jack O’latern is set to the tune of London Bridges, making it a familiar and easily adapted song. Goals around this intervention¬†can be focused on imitation, choice making, impulse control, recognizing different emotions, fine motor skills and taking turns.

  1. Identify all of the different emotions as a group
  2. Ask the child to choose an emotion
  3. Have the child build the jack o’latern’s face
  4. Sing the song

Jack o’lantern (Sung to the tune of London Bridges)

Can you make a happy face, happy face, happy face? *

Can you make a happy face, Jack o’latern (or. Mr. Pumpkin)

* Adaptations: Sad face, angry face, surprised face, silly face

* *I have attached a pumpkin graphic (which I printed and laminated) and then created different face feeling options simply by drawing them with a black sharpie marker, cutting them out and laminating them separately so students can manipulate them and stick them on with sticky tact to create different faces.

It feel great to be back!



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