Continuing Education

In January my 5 year cycle of an Accredited Music Therapist (MTA) is up meaning that I need to renew my continuing education credits for the next 5 year cycle. I can’t believe it’s been FIVE years since I first became accredited. I have done a lot of really interesting things – served on the Music Therapy Association for Alberta Board, Conferences, Workshops, Sang in a Choir, NICU Music Therapy training in New York and the list goes on. Yes, it has definitely slowed down in the last couple years when I decided to have children, but like I said in my last post, life is becoming a little bit more predictable and sleep is becoming…a little bit more consistent.

It’s exciting to think of continuing education courses now five years into my career. I able to focus on what I need in regards to continuing education to help benefit myself as a music therapist and my clients with now knowing what kind of demographic I’m actually working in. In this process I have discovered a couple of really neat things:

  1. The CAMT Conference in May 2017 is in Vancouver, BC! woo hoo! Definitely on my list!
  2. The internet has exploded with online CE courses that you can do at home… when the kids are sleeping!  A great resource is:
  3. Music Training has unlimited CE credits to be earned within a 5 year cycle which means it’s time to polish up the guitar and piano skills with lesson time. I look forward to this as both instruments being still unfamiliar to me no matter how hard I try 🙂

If you have any CE ideas around children, development and lessons for guitar and piano I would love to know! I’ll keep you posted on what I find as well as what I learn!



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