Singable Stories

  Growing up I was consumed by books; I loved being transported into different scenarios, meeting new friends and allowing my imagination to run wild. To be honest, it has been ages since I have sat down to enjoy a book for leisure. Over the past couple of years I have dedicated my reading time […]

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Spring Has Sprung!

  Spring has finally sprung in Calgary, Alberta! Even as I type this, I feel as if I am going to jinx this beautiful weather we have been having! Our winter was extremely harsh this year and it feels incredible to finally get outside for some fresh spring air. If you work with kids you […]

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The Owl in the tree says, “who, who who?”.

Working with children and grammar can be tricky. It can be difficult to go back to the basics, especially when it is in your native tongue. It seems that grammar is just instilled in us as we acquire language, but what happens if we do not acquire these skills in the beginning? What if the […]

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Welcome to CLEAR Music Therapy

Hello Music Therapy Blog world: Welcome to CLEAR Music Therapy! I am excited to join the music therapy blogging community! It is here that I will share resources, topics on advocacy and all things relevant to the music therapy profession. Today is a special day! Today marks my first month that I have been done […]

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